Cityhop Cars by the Hour

Cityhop Cars by the Hour


Cityhop is a member-based club that gives individuals and businesses access to modern eco-friendly cars by the hour and reduces reliance on individual car ownership.


Cityhop (Cars by the Hour) is an innovative service offering people the opportunity to hire cars by the hour. In this way, it enables people to choose to live without a car. Many organisations, including government departments, law firms, architects and other professionals, have realised that through Cityhop they can get rid of their fleet car and use an eco-friendly new car from a conveniently located car park. Other city workers who use public transport have joined up so they can have ‘wheels when they need them’ e.g. to visit the doctor, travel to meetings etc. Inner city dwellers are also using the cars and finding it’s cost-effective and means that they don’t need to buy a car.

At $15 an hour or $75 for 24 hours including fuel, insurance and cleaning, this is the smart new choice for moving about. Sharing is the new cool, cars don’t have the same status appeal that they used to have, and people are realising that they don’t actually need a car every day.

Car sharing not only reduces emissions it also results in fewer cars on the road and less traffic, as well as cleaner air and waterways. Members often end up selling their own car. They discover that because they know exactly how much each trip costs, they use public transport, walk or bike more (US Transportation Board reports by 47%). They have more disposable income at hand and this is usually spent in the local economy.